Tasting Notes on the Latest Craft Beer Arrivals: Jan 19

Every week we’ll be posting tasting notes from our Friday Staff Tasting, providing you with our take on all the latest craft beer arrivals. This week we also tried a really nice bourbon barrel aged cider from our friends at Finn River in Washington. And if you haven’t tried Oskar Blues’ Old Chub on nitro, you owe it to yourself to pick up a 4-pack of these new Old Chub Nitro cans.

finn river fire barrel

Finn River Fire Barrel Cider 6.5% 500ml (Washington)
Pours a deep, rich golden yellow colour. Nose is dominated by oak and funk. Can’t really smell much bourbon. On the palate it is smooth and delectable with a little sweetness up front, some nice oaky apple notes and a pleasant finish. Nicely balanced, though don’t expect much carbonation. A nice, complex sipper.

tilquin purple plum sour

Tilquin Oude Quetsche Plum Lambic 6.4% 650ml (Belgium)
Pours a cloudy pink grapefruit colour. Bright fresh notes of tart funk and oak on the nose. On the palate it is bracing tart with notes of grapefruit and green plum. Once your palate adjusts to the tartness, it has some nice complexity. Very fresh and vibrant tasting.

Skagit River farm to market ESB

Skagit Farm to Market ESB 5% 650ml (Washington)
Pours a coppery-orange colour. Grainy malt notes and earthy hop notes (with a little floral hint) on the nose. The palate is more of the same, though has some nice stone fruit elements and a pleasantly bitter finish.

old chub nitro

Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale Nitro 6.9% 4-pks tall cans (Colorado)
Pours a dark brown colour with a reddish tint. On the nose you get typical notes of peat, malt, smoke and fruit. The nitro pour makes this smooth and creamy in the mouth. Incredibly drinkable. It’s a little sweet on the palate with nice raisiny, fig notes and slightly peaty malt. Delicious.