The Latest Craft Beer Arrivals for September

Seems like practically every week or two we’re introducing a new brewery to our lineup. This week we’re proud to be introducing two, The Bruery from Orange County, California, Skagit River from Mount Vernon, Washington and Base Camp from Portland. Plus, the wet-hopped beers have started to arrive, with Hoyne’s Wolf Vine Wet-Hopped Pale Ale being the first. Drink these now, while the hops are still at their freshest! More pumpkin beers have arrived and more are no doubt on the way.

Base Camp Ripstop Rye Pils 650ml (Portland)
The Bruery Mischief 750ml (California)
The Bruery Anniversary Bois Old Ale 750ml (California)
The Bruery Sour in the Rye 750 ml (California)
Diamond Knot Vienna Alt 650ml (Seattle)
Hoyne Wolf Vine Wet-Hopped Pale Ale 650ml (Victoria)
Lighthouse Pumpkin Ale 650ml (Victoria)
Parallel 49 Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Porter 650ml (Vancouver)
Skagit River Gospel IPA 650ml (Washington)
St Ambroise Pumpkin Ale 4-packs (Quebec)

Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA 650ml (Portland)
Alameda Brown Owl Imperial Brown Ale 650ml  (Portland)
Coopers Pale Ale 6pks (Australia)
Diamond Knot Industrial IPA 650 ml (Seattle)
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA 6pks (Oregon)
North Coast Acme IPA 6pks (California)
North Coast Red Seal 6pks (California)
Schneider Weisen Edel Organic 500ml (Germany)
St Peter’s Honey Ale 500ml (England)
Upright Five 750ml (Portland)
Upright Six 750ml (Portland)
Upright Seven 750ml (Portland)