Our Weekly Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Jan 13

Every week we’ll be posting tasting notes from our Friday Staff Tasting, providing you with our take on all the latest craft beer arrivals. This week the theme is dark beers. We coincidentally received two different espresso milk stouts—one from Fuggles & Warlock and the other from Elysian—so we got to compare them side by side. Even though this week’s tasting notes are a little meager, there’s plenty of new stuff on the way, so stay tuned.

fuggles and warlock bean me up espresso milk stout

Fuggles & Warlock Bean Me Up Espresso Milk Stout 5.7% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a dark brown colour with a reddish tint. On the nose you get notes of dark roasted coffee. Almost acrid or burnet smelling. Sweet notes of lactose, burnt espresso beans and coffee grounds on the palate. Very assertive espresso flavour.

elysian split shot espresso milk stout

Elysian Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout 5.6% 650ml (Seattle)
Pours a deep blackish brown colour. Smells like a perfect espresso pull. Palate is slightly sweet, with notes of fruit, chocolate/cocoa, espresso and rich grainy dark-roasted malts. There’s a good creaminess to it and it’s very easy-drinking. Two Rufus paws up from: Ayja and Glenn 

main st stag and pheasant Imp stout

Main St. Stag & Pheasant Imperial Stout 9% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours an infinite blackness. On the nose notes of bright fruit, dark chocolate and smoke. Very smooth and creamy on the palate with notes of sweet black coffee and fruit with a dry finish. Hides the ABV well. Very drinkable. Two Rufus paws up from: Adem