Where’s the Beer???


We have a challenge we have to deal with every single day: we have a pretty small store and a lot of great product. Something’s got to give, right? Well, because we have the island’s best selection of craft beer from around the world—as well as some pretty amazing wines and spirits—sometimes we can’t fit everything on our shelves or in our rather spacious fridge. So, when we get the opportunity to, say, load up on a bunch of Stone Brewing Co. beers, we never say, “Nah, we think we’ll pass because there’s not enough room on our shelves or in our fridge.” Instead, we go a little crazy and order everything available, because we know our customers rely on us to bring in the good stuff.

So please forgive us if you come in the store and can’t find a beer you’ve heard us rave about on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. It’s probably just in the back, because we don’t have a place for it out front. We have a list, like the one pictured above, that we keep current with all the beers that are in the back. So, if you’re ever in doubt, look there first. We are going to start sending out images of this list every Wednesday through our various social media channels to help keep everyone informed of what’s on there. Some weeks it’ll be small, some weeks it’ll be long.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!