2002 Ch. de Cots In Stock at Cook St. Liquor Now!

Forget everything you were told about the 2002 vintage at the time it was released. “Cool weather, lots of rain, poor wines—avoid at all costs.” The experts instead recommended that you put your money on the unbelievable 2003 vintage, a hotter … Continued

2011 Bordeaux You WON’T Find at BC Liquor Stores

The BC Liquor Stores will release their 2011 Bordeaux wines this Saturday, but there are plenty of highly rated wines from that vintage that they won’t be selling. The BC Liquor Board can’t order every wine every year and sometimes they miss a … Continued

ARRIVAL NOTICE 2005 Chateau Cantemerle

Chateau Cantemerle has recently gone through a dramatic revival initiated by its new owners. The wine is now made in a more elegant and accessible style—which is a good thing—because the previous owners had allowed the wine to get a … Continued

ARRIVAL NOTICE: 2009 Chateau Le Puy

Two different Chateau Le Puy wines from the 2009 vintage have arrived and are ready for immediate order. These are classic 12.5% Bordeaux made the old way. The way they made the wines when we all fell in love with them. These … Continued

ARRIVAL NOTICE: 2010 Chateau Rahoul

We have just received some of the 2010 Ch. Rahoul from the Graves appelation. This is a delicious wine from the legendary 2010 vintage that is just entering its drinking window and that will last for another 10 years with … Continued

ARRIVAL NOTICE: 2004 Ch. Tour Baladoz

A new shipment of 2004 Tour Baladoz has arrived. This is a super, go-to Right Bank wine at an affordable price. Whether you like traditional Bordeaux or modern Bordeaux, you will like this wine. It is humming right now. A “go … Continued

ARRIVAL NOTICE: 2000 Ch. de Ricaud

This is a 2000 vintage sweet wine that tastes like a Sauternes and only costs $35 for a 750ml bottle. To put this in perspective, Sauternes normally costs about $40-$50 for a half-bottle in the current vintage. Loupiac is Sauternes’ … Continued

ARRIVAL NOTICE: 2009 Chapelle de Potensac

Ch. Potensac is a perennial favorite of customers because it’s a good value Cru Bourgeois property that delivers year after year. The problem is that not only has it been been delivering taste year after year, but the price has … Continued