#WineWednesday Arrivals: July 8

Most of our wines are priced in that $15 to $35 sweet spot, but we do carry wines outside of this range. Regardless of the price—high or low—we always aim to give you excellent bang for your buck. So, if you’re going a little outside your comfort zone price-wise, we like to think you’re going to get a wine that drinks like a much more expensive one. It’s all about great value. Here’s a new selection of (mostly) European wines that we think fit that bill perfectly.

quinta de chocapalha tinto

Quinta de Chocapalha (Portugal) $22.90

valdivieso merlot

Valdivieso Merlot (Chile) $17.90

Musella Valpolicella

Musella Valpolicella (Italy) $25.90

ch. de nages costiere de nimes

Ch. De Nages Costieres de Nimes (France) $32.90

JW HArt port 1994

JW Hart 1994 Port (France) $53.90